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Smart Home Lighting Control by Tektronz

Automatic Control

Completely automatic for more convenience and security, control your lighting based on movement and brightness! The light comes on fully automatically when there are people in range of the automatic switch or presence detector or simply when it gets dark. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Scenario Setting

Whether switching or dimming, lamps can be controlled individually or in a group. Further intelligence can be exercised by setting scenarios where for example entrance lights can be turned on automatically when someone returns home at night. Master On and Off switching can also be achieved to make sure all the lights in the house are turned off with the touch of a button. Day, night or movie mode can also be set to only turn on predetermined lights to achieve the desired brightness level.

Smart Home Lighting Control by Tektronz

Z-Wave / KNX

The intelligent way to switch lights with Z-wave or KNX building technology, lighting control has never been more convenient. Whether by pressing a button, touch screen or with a mobile app, as part of the intelligent system you simply network your lighting control with the other functions of your smart home and thus enjoy the highest level of living comfort.

Image Courtesy: Jung