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Solutions for more security

For a secure feeling in your own four walls

Whether it may be a apartment or commercial building, you should feel safe in your own four walls! It is not only a problem of having a sophisticated alarm system, but also the topic of “safe orientation” is of importance to help you finding your way and to avoid accidents. And well-ordered access control easily increases security even when the house is entered.

Movement triggers lighting -When light is switched on by movement

Light switched on whenever you need it: Whether inside your house or on your property. Movement dependent lighting control provides more security – in addition to better quality of living conditions and comfort.

Indoor lighting

Whether in corridors, stairways, or entrance area: Movement dependent lighting control automatically switches the light on when you enter the detection area. Using a purposefully placed automatic switch or presence detector, there is no need to look for the light switch. Thus you will not be left in the dark. Moreover, visitors who do not know the place will be on the safe side. Useful side-effect: After a preset time, the light will automatically be switched off thus saving energy.

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Outdoor lighting

The movement dependent lighting control ensures that the outdoor way to the entrance door is safe: Purposefully placed observers switch the light on immediately after persons have entered the detection area. This does not only provide adequate welcome to you and your guests but also has another benefit: Any “unwanted visitors” will be announced to you by bleft lighting. No one who enters your property will remain unnoticed!

Smart Home AC and Temperature Control by Tektronz

Orientation via LED

Info signs and pilot lights safely show the way

Whether in public buildings, offices, hotels, or simply at home: LED technology provides safe and systematic orientation in the house! Where light signals and LED info signs provide orientation in large buildings, switches and outlets with floor pilot lights ensure safe paths in your own home even in the dark.

Pilot lights

In the dark, there are a lot of pitfalls in your own home. Unobtrusive light that prevents stumbling upon staircases and painful contacts with furniture in the night provides a simple solution: LED pilot lights incorporated in outlets and switches create sufficient bleftness so that there is no need to switch the main lighting on. In addition to hallway and stairway, the nursery is the ideal place, because the pilot light is also used as a night light.

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Groundbreaking technology

Where they are used, LED info signs and pilot lights instantly catch one’s eye. And this allows strangers to quickly get a general idea of the place and facilitates orientation. Whether it is the way to the lift, to the cafeteria, or to the emergency room, whether it is the sign indicating the exit or the meeting room – thanks to info signs showing clear lettering or icons that are lighted in white or colours, each way is found easily and safely! Of course, you may have the label prepared according to the individual application.

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Alarm technology

With KNX you can check whether windows and doors are really closed, display camera images of the whole property and you are of course informed immediately if there is a burglary, fire or glass breakage. You control the complete alarm and monitoring system conveniently with the KNX operating elements.

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Presence simulation

With an intelligent presence simulation, you can also feel secure during your holiday. The automatic and time-dependent control of lighting and blinds or shutters makes your house look occupied even when you are absent.

Smart Home AC and Temperature Control by Tektronz

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