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Smart Home Smart Radio by Tektronz

Music / Smart Radio

Musically, the modern JUNG technology with its Smart Radio and Bluetooth Connect has a genuine sound experience to offer. It is also a joy to look at: the elegant wall installation solution in switch design needs little space and offers a great deal of convenience. It is of course also ideally suited for upgrading!

Smart Radio

The new Smart Radio with stereo sound is a highlight in design and function. The display in black or white has intuitive shortcut functionalities for alarm clock, sleep timer and favourites functions. In addition, the brightness of the display and the buttons can be set separately for radio operation or night mode. In night mode the display and buttons are completely darkened, and for that reason the new radio is also perfectly suited for installation next to the bed. RDS operation, satellite and AUX inputs round out the list of features. Of course, this new JUNG radio has the accustomed top sound quality that is assured by the loudspeakers with built-in bass reflex tubes.

The JUNG Smart Radio in switch design stands out technically and visually with its black or white touchscreen display featuring a unique glass front panel

Smart Home Smart Radio by Tektronz

Bluetooth Connect

Amplification for your playlist: Bluetooth Connect in switch design receives and amplifies audio signals from smartphones, tablets or MP3 players in stereo quality through Bluetooth. Its operation is carried out through eight sensor keys on the elegant glass-fronted touch display. This gives you a choice of audio source, title selection, volume control, start, stop, and many more features by fingertip control. Convenient: Bluetooth Connect allows up to six different audio sources to be stored. The Bluetooth Connect internal amplifier ensures the best sound in combination with one or two JUNG loudspeaker modules. Alternatively, an external amplifier or the JUNG Smart Radio unit may be connected to an audio output. Power saving: in stand-by mode the JUNG device consumes only 0.37 W.

Smart Home Smart Radio by Tektronz

Image Courtesy: Jung